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Zhuhai Bioyamei Investment Co., Ltd, registered capital of ten million RMB, is one of the earliest companies to sell foreign medical equipments and diagnostic reagents. It has gained nearly 20 years of experience in this field.



Key partnersKey partners

  • Switzerland DiaMed

  • MectaMecta Company in USA

  • Bio-Rad in USA

In 1999, it ended the agency relationship with Beckman in the U.S., and was authorized as the General Distributor in China by DiaMed Switzerland in 2000. The main products were the diagnostic products of blood grouping system.

In 2001, it became the General Distributor in China by Mecta and the main product is ECT equipments.

In October 2007, Bio-Rad Laboratories completed the acquisition of DiaMed and from year 2011, Bioyamei is the authorized General Distributor in China of Bio-Rad.


Sales networkSales network


The company teamThe company Team

The Company currently has around 100 employees. It has immense source of high-quality users and customer specialist group. Simultaneously, it has a very professional team of product registration, import and export declarations, marketing, technical support and equipment maintenance. It can provide very professional distribution services of medical products. Founder and the majority of employees of the Company were graduated from the medical and biological professionals, and they have very rich experience in promoting medical devices and diagnostic products.

The company has established a comprehensive logistics network and owns its warehouse and professional refrigeration equipment. It has mature partners in air/road/sea transportation, and can supply high efficient service.